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What I now know about working from home

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It’s only been a few months but there are a couple of things that I learned already about working from home; many of these are things others have said before but didn’t click until I actually lived it. Also I wanted to talk about it after how much I laughed at the BBC family (watch the original here if you missed it or Trevor Noah’s coverage which might be even funnier here)

What you wear makes a difference

Working from home is all about working in your pj’s right? Well, it can be but I will admit that I am significantly much more productive if at a base level I put a bra on. Silly I know but putting a bra on is something you do to go outside so it creates that professional headspace (I also feel like future-Alys will appreciate this, gravity would not be kind if I went bra-less every day). Also, I had an opportunity the other day to Skype a client at the last minute. How much more stressed would I have been if I hadn’t put on clothes/brushed my hair. I was just ready so could easily fit in the call.

What I do: work uniform! It’s made up of a couple of simple dresses (I am literally wearing this dress as I type) that are super comfy but also presentable should you need to be seen. I wear what jewellery brings me joy; usually just my wedding ring and watch if I am honest. I rarely wear shoes, actually, the only shoes I wear indoors are my ugg boots.

You will lose track of time

I knew I would need a schedule so I created a loose one but I have still been amazed how the day can fly by. It got so bad I actually skipped lunch, I don’t think I have ever done that before (even when I was running massive events I had someone wonderful, usually one of my incredible assistants, make sure I ate something).

What I do: I discovered Pomodoro’s a while ago and they really help, basically, a little timer goes off every 25mins when you take a 5 min break during which you can do things like check the time 😉

It’s a bubble, burst it

I have a friend who was travelling Asia when Diana, Princess of Wales died and she had no idea about it until the media coverage of the first anniversary of her death! Seems crazy but they were living in the moment and totally missed it. On a much smaller scale, it can be really easy to do that when you work from home. You miss not just the big things but the little things happening in your community.

What I do: I listen to the radio rather than a playlist. This way I keep up with local news, what songs are hot right now and can listen to the ads (free tip: there are some great insights into ways you can promote your own business observing how others do it). I also go to news sources outside of social media, one thing I love are the daily updates I get from Business Insider (there are two, top 10 things to know in Australia this morning and top 10 things to know in the world) which give me just a great snapshot of some of the things happening in the world.

Make the day yours

When you work for others there are expectations on you, not least of which is what time you turn up in the morning and when you wrap up for the day. Alongside that are your own work needs – in my last role during the day I would get a lot of interruptions so I needed to get in an hour before most people to get some quiet time. But working from home doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, I would argue that part of the reason you decided to work from home was the lifestyle so revel in how nobody but you gets a say in how your day rolls, even if you provide a service the hours you are available are totally at your discretion.

What I do: my alarm goes off at 7:20, which is an hour later than the last job yay sleep in, and head outside for a walk (where I listen to a podcast and just enjoy the outside). Home again around 8:30 I then grab a healthy breakfast, jump in the shower and am sitting at my desk to get started for the work day by 9:30. Then I have a timer on my watch set for 8hrs and I work until it goes off (with time for cups of tea, lunch and a few dance breaks).

So that is what I know now about working from home. Any newbies who were surprised by what they’ve experienced working from home? What about you seasoned at home professionals, what do we newbies still have coming? Love to hear below

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