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Not exactly sure what comes under “marketing support”? Here’s some of the ways I can support your business. Not all of it is strictly marketing but it is things that I love to do that and so do well. We should definitely chat to see how best to align my skills with your business needs (get in touch here)


Together we’ll create an actionable marketing plan for your business; whether that’s for the overall business or to launch a new product/service. We’ll start big but then bring it back to reality, making the planning process fun and useful.


Never ever in your whole life booked an ad? We have, and we can definitely help you maximise a small budget to talk to the world (be the goal brand awareness or sales).


Everyone is talking about the importance of video content, particularly for social media. Want it to look a little fancier than something recorded on your smartphone? I got you covered


Know you need a website and social media for your business? Want something attractive yet practical? Something easy to update that looks professional? I can create a branding suite for your website and a number of social media platforms to give you and your business a professional look. Once it’s built I can also help with a basic content maintenance package – let me update your website content to keep it fresh.


Sometimes we still do things offline (surprising I know but sometimes we do things like hand out a business card or send clients birthday cards or pop little notes in with your products). I can hook you up with your basic stationary – either for you to print yourself or I’ll sort the printing bit too.


Want to gather members of your tribe together in a physical location. I’ve run events of all shapes and sizes (from 10 people in a cafe to 50 people in a webinar to 1,000+ people at a conference centre) and can help get you ready – from event collateral, promotion, the all important presentation to logistics.


You, my friend, need a suite of templates so that everything looks all pretty and on brand when you send it to clients – invoices, PowerPoint presentations, eBooks, newsletter signup freebie, course materials etc – I can make those for you no worries (and if you need them taken from template to final document that is definitely something we can do for you).


Ever had a colleague joke about your mad skills turning a word doc into a PDF? No! Just me then. If you’ve written the content we can make it look pretty for you. Don’t need it to be pretty just need it to be functional we are on it – 16 years ago when I started out one of her key jobs was formatting sales contracts, sounds dull but I get a lot of satisfaction out of receiving a crazy document to fix and sending it back to you neat, tidy and correct.


I’m talking here about the ad hoc graphic design needs you have, the ones that make your business look professional – like invitations to your launch party, social media graphics, or banner ads that sort of thing.


Let’s get it all looking shiny – I can put your content into seamless, on brand presentation formats so that the overall look is as smart looking as the words you say. I’ve written over 100 speeches/presentations and seen even more people present so I’ve got a strong instinct for what you can get covered in a set time and how to make it as engaging as possible (free tip, what’s on the slides is a prompt do not read it verbatim or someone will throw something at you). On top of that you need to the promotional material looking pretty and if you have handouts I can help you get them ready too.


On the day I’ve got your back – I can help track questions and supervise the technology so you can hold a smooth webinar for you and your clients.

PRESENTATION (live events)

A good looking presentation takes time – whether that be for presenting at a conference, hosting a webinar, creating a template for a series of sessions – time you probably don’t have to dedicate to it. We can set you up with a template or pull together the whole shebang.


Together let’s come up with a social media plan (for a set period of time or a launch) and then leave me to get the content written and uploaded. Or maybe you have a plan/content you just don’t have time to dedicated to doing it well. I’ll also respond to comments/inquiries or where more appropriate feed the lead (i.e. hook you up with them directly)


Media can be a minefield but we can help you navigate the process. Writing releases, working on strategy and helping prepare you for interviews are all well in our wheelhouse.


Know what you want to say but not sure how to say it, we can work together to create a speech that showcases you.


Communicating with your tribe (via email or print) is really important to keep them engaged with your work. You know that but you don’t have time to set everything up or make it pretty/correct. You will know best what your tribe wants to hear but let me help you get it to them (and make it pretty).


Ever looked back at something months after you originally created it only to be horrified at what you find. Sometimes all you needed was a second pair of eyes to make it sing, I can be that person for you (you know the person who hasn’t read that letter 1,000 times so notice’s where you missed the end of the sentence or the weird typo).


Sometimes you just need someone to brainstorm with, someone who has the same objective as you do – to come up with the best solution for your business. Blog content strategy, social media planning for a launch, running your first webinar, decided to host an event we can workshop it all.

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