wordpress for entrepreneurs

wordpress for entrepreneurs

Perhaps one of the most central tools of the trade for entrepreneurs in 2017 is the humble website. For me when it comes to websites I am all about WordPress.

If a client comes to me to set up a website I will instantly install WordPress for them. There are two key things that I love about WordPress:

  • it’s really easy to set up and maintain a gorgeous looking site for entrepreneurs – you aren’t locked into using a developer to make even small content changes.
  • because it’s a huge, free system there are a lot of people creating tools to use alongside it like themes or plugins making it really powerful and customisable.

I think the best thing we can do as entrepreneurs is empowering ourselves with the tools to run our own business. I have heard many stories of people who use web developers and then feel they are stuck with them for years. You should be able to jump on your website and make updates without needing someone to do it for you, especially if you are just starting out and don’t have that kind of budget.

For my website, I customised a WordPress theme that I got from Etsy. Another great source of templates is Creative Market. For clients I would also suggest this approach – get a reasonably priced theme you love and we tweak. This saves you money and time.  The biggest time suck of building a new website is testing to make sure it all works, with a template that part has been done so we focus on building a content strategy and the elements to deliver that. A word of warning though, if you are buying a template be sure that you don’t need anything extra to run it (for example there are templates that need Genesis to run, a program that costs you extra)

My template by Mai Love Paris also includes some tech support in the purchase price (never buy a theme without this) so when I got stuck she was able to help me out. That said, WordPress is such a huge platform there are also a lot of forums to give you the advice you need to help when you get stuck with technical issues too.

Since I started out (Blogger was the first platform I used) a lot more companies are entering the space (Squarespace being a big one). Those tools help entrepreneurs/business owners build gorgeous websites easily, which is awesome. Love a bit of competition as it keeps the big guys on their toes. But I will still come back to WordPress every time.

Anyone else use WordPress? Anyone left WordPress and want to share about the experience?

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