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Wisdom from Joe Biden

sharing the wisdom of VP Biden on ANZAC Day

Today in Australia is ANZAC Day, a national day of remembrance, and I am taking the day off to spend time with people that I love. When I was thinking about what to post today the best words to share were not my own; rather they belonged to former Vice President Joe Biden.

As one nation pauses in remembrance I challenge us all to try and apply Biden’s words in our business. It can be so easy when we are running our own shows to work through, thinking our families will understand if we miss this one thing. We could tell our friends we can’t hang out because we’ve got work to do, thinking they’ll make time for us when we are done. The tricky thing is that they may understand … but you still missed it and you can never get that back no matter how successful your business is.

Oh, if you were wondering the photo was taken at the Tower of London in 2014, we had the fortune of being in London when this incredible installation was happening.

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