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ultimate entrepreneur squad

the ultimate entrepreneur squad

If you could form your ultimate entrepreneur girl squad (yes, just like Taylor) who would you include? These ladies would be on mine

Dr Brene Brown – lets set this squad up right with the incredible Brene, to motivate us all to stay true to ourselves and support us when we need to get back up again after a fall. It can be hard to be vulnerable in business, Brene will set us on the right path. Plus her years of research into people would help us ensure we understand our customers.

Marie Forleo – if I am in need of a little business inspiration the first place I go is to Marie TV; I think the squad would benefit from direct access to her. A modern day wise woman Marie shares with kindness and just the right amount of rah-rah to get you up out of your seat working.

Elsie Larson – I have admired the business Elsie, and her sister Emma have created for a long time. A Beautiful Mess was one of the first blogs I ever discovered, and through them, I have learned a lot about what kind of home and business I want to create. Squad homes would never look so lovely, but more importantly, Elsie has been doing this so long she would have some great advice for us.

Danielle LaPorte – another seasoned entrepreneur Danielle has made some tough business calls, lessons we can learn from her rather than having to live through. Plus she just seems like a great person to grab a glass of wine with and have a deep philosophical conversation.

Melissa Browne – because you need a finance person on an entrepreneur squad. Finance is quite often the area of business entrepreneurs struggle with when starting out and even when we are successful (I’d have no idea how to change my business structure to have a team of staff or pay tax, I need her). Mel seems like a lot of fun as well.

Emma Isaacs – creating a business focused on supporting women in their careers and lives, first in Australia then the USA but soon the world, Emma is a perfect addition to the squad. Her business experience combined with a genuine passion for helping women around her succeed is just what we need in our lives.

Jemma Wilson aka Cupcake Jemma – not just because she would ensure we stayed well fed for squad high tea (yes, we high tea what else would a squad this awesome do) but because she has built a successful business in London she is still passionate about. Oh, and with 1million YouTube subscribers there is a lot she could teach us about being our own broadcaster.

Katherine McKenzie Smith – Katherine exudes kindness for everyone around her that I believe every squad should have, plus she works with other entrepreneurs so would have some great advice for us. This champion of quiet would be a great asset.

Cassie Mendoza-Jones – Cass’ latest work has been focused on loving what we create, something that entrepreneurs can disconnect from at times so I’d love her in the squad to help us refocus on creating things we love and matter to us. Cass just celebrated 6years in business so is going to have loads of advice for us.

And finally, because it’s my squad The Duchess of Cambridge – yes, she has a bigger budget than I could ever dream of but I know she could teach entrepreneurs a thing or two about dealing with the media, would definitely share the struggle of balancing life and work (when your life is your work) and just seems like someone I would enjoy spending time with.

So that’s it, my ultimate entrepreneur squad. Who would you have on yours?

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