Twitter for entrepreneurs

Tweet, tweet! No that is not a bird its us talking about Twitter for entrepreneurs! Twitter is an area of growth for me so I had a lot of fun researching this post

I was reading an article recently that summed it up really well “to get from Twitter you have to give to Twitter”. It is so true. Twitter is a platform where you really have to engage with people not just post and forget.

140 characters are hard though, I totally understand. I usually write long prose, packing as much information in as possible, so providing something useful that also links back to your site in 140 characters can be tricky. But it can also be really freeing.

Twitter moves so quickly as well that in reality, you could, on the day you post new content, have a few different posts all of which link back to the same content. This way you can share all the good stuff without maxing out your character limit.

Side note, don’t sacrifice grammar to fit your character limit. It looks really unprofessional and potential customers will judge you for it.

One thing I have noticed is that people don’t usually go to your feed and hang out. Mostly people go to their newsfeed and just scroll. Plus Twitter has so much content (something like 6,000 tweets a second) that having a couple of tweets on launch day is actually a good idea.

Twitter is the place to let your hashtag freak fly. In fact, Twitter invented the hashtag (before it # was known to people as the symbol for number, true story). Making it an excellent opportunity for you to grow your audience. Just as with Instagram have a look around at what hashtags will resonate with your audience and start using them. Also, check out what hashtags are trending and if you are going to be at an event then definitely use the event-specific hashtag (everyone has one now).

Most people think of Twitter as a platform of words, and for the most part that is true. But graphics do work and are steadily growing in popularity.

Before I go can I just vent a pet peeve please – yes you can share your Instagram posts directly to Twitter but the character limit still counts and rather than the image itself you get a link to Insta. So it looks really messy/unprofessional/like you don’t care about your Twitter followers. So take the time for your professional pages to either go to Twitter and post it specifically or write short descriptions so that the content is still correct on Twitter. Ok, rant over!

Cool hack:

Retweet accounts? Retweet accounts! Just as you would assume these accounts retweet tweets they are tagged in. It’s a really interesting way to get your content seen by a wide audience and to discover some great people to follow. Examples of retweet accounts include @femalebloggerrt @rt_bloggers @blogsretweet.

Simply include the relevant handle in your tweet, but remember your tweet still has to be interesting or you will loose people as quickly as you could gain them.  

To follow:

Start with Twitter themselves and follow one of their many accounts such as @twitterbusiness or @twittermktg for some really useful tips and stats on using the platform for business.

I also highly recommend following news outlets. Broadcasters, journalists and industry-specific publications are a great way to find out things as they happen. For example, I follow @Sandra_Sully a celebrated Australian news anchor who has a great mix of inspirational content and relevant news for this Sydney girl. 

Some of the best people to follow make you laugh (like @number10cat or @50nerdsofgrey) or hear from celebrities (@chrissyteigen or @annakendrick47) or to laugh whilst feeling super smart (@neiltyson)

And as always you can follow me @alysholz

So how do you use Twitter for your business?


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