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There are so many online business tools so to help over the coming months I am going to share a few of the tools I use and love. We’re kicking it all off with one my favourites – Grammarly

Before we go any further just flagging this post includes affiliate links, but all opinions are my own. In truth, I only got an affiliate link because I am a little bit obsessed with Grammarly. This will be the third time recently that I’ve recommended Grammarly. 

I discovered Grammarly on YouTube (pre-roll advertising works people) and I’ll let you see what I saw.

So why do I love it? Because as much as I hate to admit it, we live in a world used to spell check; Grammarly is for the places that don’t, by default, help you out.

Grammarly stalks me around the internet making sure no matter where I am writing someone is spellchecking me. In particular, I rely on it for social media. It cannot just be me that posts in a hurry only later to be embarrassed by a weird typo. Grammarly helps me avoid that and I love them for it.

The other thing I really love (perhaps more than the online proofreading) is the desktop app. Actually, I wrote this post in the Grammarly app! The lovely white space, obvious typos and corrections look gorgeous and make the whole process super simple. I do all my writing in Grammarly first. If I need to send it on to a client then I simply copy it into Word, seriously I only open Word for other people now. Same goes for uploading to my website, though in fairness I could write the post in WordPress as Grammarly will check it I simply prefer the app.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a fair discussion if I didn’t mention the limitations of the program. Unlike some other programs you can’t include links in the app and it definitely doesn’t pick up every single mistake (you do still need to check it yourself) but overall it makes writing professionally so much easier for me I am happy to work around that.

Random aside: shout out to my PhotoShop skills, the image is a fake created by the magic of technology and a stock image I found over here

Tell me, have you used Grammarly? What did you think?

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