the power of the mailing list

the power of the email mailing list for entrepreneurs

If you have spent any time around marketers you would have heard them talk about “your list“. What they mean is the people who have subscribed to your mailing list; the lovely people giving you access to their inboxes.

Why does it matter?

The people on your list are usually actively involved in your work. Whether it be buyers of your product, people interested in your advice on a topic or fans of your art they tend to have a level of interest in what you do. It matters because these people are more likely to be interested in anything new that you do.

How to grow your list?

There are two classic and pretty simple ways to grow your list:

  1. offer a signup goodie – provide people with something they can use later, something relevant to your work
  2. promote joining the list – have a signup button on Facebook, have a pop up on your website, run ads on relevant platforms, you get the gist of it

For example, I have a link to sign up on my Facebook page and in the footer of my website (or you can signup here). When you sign up you get a copy of a free weekly marketing planner that I created (and use myself).

What to do with the list?

My advice here is pretty simple:

  • Talk to them regularly but not too regularly or you will drive them batty. Monthly is a good place to start for most entrepreneurs.
  • Say things that are relevant to why they signed up. I talk about making marketing easy for entrepreneurs because that is what my business does. So my signup goodie is a weekly marketing planner (a tool I believe will help make their marketing easier).

I send out a newsletter at the start of every month that shares a couple of my posts from the month before (which I choose based on which posts during the month had the most interest), a quote and some information about me/marketing for entrepreneurs.

Do I just send the email from my usual email account?

There are a lot of email marketing systems out there. I often start clients (and I use it myself) on MailChimp. It’s pretty easy to use, its free up to a certain number of subscribers, and because it’s such a popular tool there are a lot of easy plugins (e.g. connecting it to Facebook).

This is also the part where I flag that there are a lot of rules around this, privacy laws are important and you need to respect them (and if your list is across borders you will need to be aware of more than just your own). Easy example, people have to be able to unsubscribe from your email list.

Know your numbers

Our inboxes get pretty full and no matter how engaged people are in your work sometimes life is just too busy to read all of the email newsletters we’ve subscribed to. I tell you this because I don’t want you walking in thinking 100% of people will open every email/click on every link. It’s just not reality but don’t be disheartened, you never know which of your emails might trigger them to start re-engaging with you.

What you should do with the numbers is figure out what people are interested in, what days more people open your emails and what freebies are more popular. The numbers can tell you all sorts of things about your audience, information you can use to provide them with the best service.

So how do you use your list? Is this all new to you or are you a seasoned emailer? 

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