Thought for Thursday with Diana, Princess of Wales

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Today is the 20th anniversary of the passing of Diana, Princess of Wales. Of the many lessons the late Princess taught us one of the most impactful for me was the idea of kindness.

In our businesses we can perform little acts of kindness for clients – sending an article that we think would interest them, letting them know we spotted a typo on their website or chatting just for fun. As I know I work with a lot of fellow entrepreneurs, many of whom are home alone or with little ones, some human kindness goes a long way to making the entrepreneur life a lot more fun.

I imagine the Princess probably felt the same, so many people would have interacted with her not as a person but in her role as Princess of the United Kingdom (Duchess of Cambridge listed that as her official job title on Prince Georges birth certificate). How special must it have been for people to simply be kind to her because they could, not because it would benefit them in any way.

How will you show kindness in your business today?

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