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Thought for Thursday with Blake Lively

alysholzhq thought for thursday with blake lively

Most of us know Blake Lively for her roles. Did you know that she started, and closed, an online business herself a couple of years back? 

As August 25th is Blake’s birthday I thought it timely to share this quote.

In our little corners of the world, as women and as entrepreneurs, we have an opportunity to be agents of change not just the beneficiaries of all the hard work that has gone before. We should definitely appreciate that we are standing on the shoulders of women and men who had to change to allow for us to be here, running our own businesses, but the job isn’t done just yet.

We are agents of change every day, in simple ways. I was at a breakfast recently with Taryn Brumfitt and we were talking about how we could make small changes. One of the ways I do that is not asking my nieces (aged 9 – 3) about what they are wearing as the very first thing I say when I see them, I mean they aren’t on the red carpet and I know they have more interesting stories to tell. Another suggestion was not telling people if we thought they had lost weight, especially in a workplace. What simple ways to raise the conversation for women from one of appearance matters most to the things happening in your brain. I have had some great conversations with my nieces about things they are passionate about (surprisingly a lot of conversations about horses) that tell me I am on the right path.

How will you be an agent of change today?

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