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thought for thursday with Gal Gadot

#thoughtforthursday from #wonderwoman on release day

Wonder Woman is out in cinemas this weekend around the world so it felt right to have this week’s Thought for Thursday from the woman herself! 

For me, this quote from Gal Gadot spoke to me about the challenges of being a female entrepreneur. I remember when I started telling people this is what I was going to do the word I kept hearing over and over and over was how brave I was. They were right. It is brave to follow your passions because that’s not really the world we grew up in. They are also right because to make this work we have to rely solely on our intelligence and power. Gal’s Wonder Woman then reminds me that we are strong all on our own.

This is a big moment for Wonder Woman (first ever movie of her own) and female superhero’s (so far it’s just been the dudes who get movies of their own) and I could not be more excited for this movie release. We watch a lot of superhero content is my house – I’m not just talking the big blockbusters I have also seen this and this and this and this to name but a few. Through it all Wonder Woman has remained my favourite.

May we all, in our own ways, be as badass as this lady in pursuing what is right for us.


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