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reviewing 2017

wrapping up 2017 and a few things to do before the year is out

It’s December! As we go full steam into the end of the year here are just a few things to think about for the month ahead to wrap up the year in style.

What are you doing over the Christmas break?

I don’t mean what are you doing on Christmas Day, more how are you taking time out from your business to rest and get excited about the work again? Especially for Aussies, but even if it is cold where you are, this is the perfect time to take a break from it all, to clear your head of all that happened in 2017, all to be ready to knock it out of the park in 2018.

How will you tell people about your plans for a break?

It’s important that it’s clear that you are on leave not just ignoring people. I am a huge advocate for regular digital detoxes and the healing power of not being constantly available to people. So pop an out of office on your email, perhaps add a note to your website (something like this is an easy way to just have it on the website), let clients know with loads of notice and make sure you post on social media. BTW: I am going to take the week between Christmas and New Years off and be back around the place the first week of January.

How will you reflect on the year?

The only way to grow is to take time to look back at the successes and challenges of the year that’s been. This way you can create a clear vision for the year ahead. Personally, I am attending this group mastermind on 11 December to help me do exactly that. Setting out time for myself to focus on reviewing not just trying to fit it in “when I get a chance” is the only way to make sure it happens and is a useful way to spend your precious time.

What do you do with your annual review?

To be honest the best you can do with that information is making plans for the year ahead. For example, I had intended to make a planner that I’d release in 2017 which clearly I didn’t do. The review gives me perspective on why that happened and what I want to do about it in 2018. As it’s my first year in business it is also really useful to see how I felt about working for myself from home. Business planning doesn’t sound sexy but I promise you it’s worth the time.

Are there things that need to be said/done?

Issues that have cropped in the review will be there in 2018 if you don’t deal with them, particularly if there are people involved. So have the hard conversations now. End the year knowing that any issues won’t be waiting for you in the new year and also give everyone the festive break to mull over what was said.

Can I also put a vote in for tidying up. File the things that need filing. Clear out those emails (inbox zero is possible people). Declutter your desk. Especially if you work in an office you won’t visit for a little while have everything nice and clear and then walk away, knowing when you get back you don’t start the year looking at chaos. If you work from home even better, means you will be less likely to sit at your work desk because you can’t see the things that “need” doing (but actually don’t and people will understand if you take a break).

Do you have ideas/plans for January?

If there are things you want to get done in January write them down now before you go on break and forget all about them. I already have my 2018 planner so have started to pencil in some plans of ideas I want to explore and people to reach out to.

How will you celebrate the year?

Whether on your own, with clients or loved ones it is worth celebrating the year that was. I mean that’s why companies have Christmas parties. It’s a chance to enjoy yourself at the end of what, as an entrepreneur, can often be a hard, lonely slog. Figure out how and with whom you’d like to celebrate the year and go forth and do it.

Part of celebrating is also saying thank you. Small gestures of appreciation to those who made things possible for you is lovely for the person receiving it but also gives you a lovely, festive buzz.

So take a morning to yourself in December to look back at the year that was, to celebrate it and learn from it all in time to do it again in 2018!

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