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If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen posts about my monthly planning days; as we dive into a new month, I thought I would talk about why that’s part of my business model.


A dedicated day where I take my content planner Google sheet, a notebook, highlighters and my life planner out and get ready for the new month/review the month that’s been.

I do this for my own business on a dedicated day and clients at other stages during the month depending on their needs. The two plans very much influence each other, but it can be simpler if I know what I want to achieve in my own business at the beginning of the month to see where I fit it all in. This is vital when I am undertaking larger contracts, and I need to be sure I can get it all done.


To keep my own business organised. For example, a blog post plan allows me to make time to write and research content, design graphics and schedule social media posts. I can dedicate time each month to a specific task rather than having a panic every Monday about what to post on Tuesday.


Usually the last Friday of a month, that makes it a bit of a reward for the month as well as getting a fresh head for what is to come. Plus to be honest most deadlines for the month are over so its easier to leave the office.


Leave the house. Time out from home lets you stop doing client work and focus on the big picture. When you are in your usual environment, it’s so easy to just do the usual things – getting out of the house, finding somewhere to just focus on the planning makes a huge difference to me regarding motivation, innovation and enjoyment of the process. Just pick a place to work that you like (we go to the local club as I prefer working in cafe’s and Richard in pubs).

I highly recommend making a planning day. If you can’t do it monthly then at least quarterly. It’s important to prioritise our businesses not just our client work and having it in the schedule makes that so much easier to do.

Do you have a dedicated planning day for your business? Could you see how you might benefit from including one?

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