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losing your step sometimes we can lose a step in business but we can find it again

It’s almost been a year since I stepped out into running my own business. 2 weeks ago I got sick and I missed a step in business.

Do you know that feeling? When something outside your control throws you off kilter and its hard to get back on it. Well, right now that is me.

As I said, 2 weeks ago I got sick. This was not one of those colds where you get sympathy but can still carry on with your day. Instead, this was one of those sit on the couch and do nothing but cough/sleep/blow your nose for a week. Our house looked like a very specialised chemist for sinus infections. But that is what it took, complete dedication to getting well. 2 weeks later I’m still on the mend.

To be honest I think part of why I feel I’ve lost a step is about needing to catch up on the work and feeling like I let people down. None of my clients have¬†made me feel that way, but I had a plan to tackle their work as well as my own … and it all had to stop so I could get better.

It’s been the first real blow I’ve felt to my entrepreneurial mojo since I started this adventure in January. It’s been a learning curve in how to pick yourself up out of that and get back to work. Some things slipped (there were no posts last week) so that I could catch up on other things. I worked with clients to tweak deadlines. And I kept taking care of myself.

So why am I telling you this? Simple, to remind us all that sometimes we will lose our mojo but it’s not gone far, we just have to reach for it again.

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