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learn from others

Ever feel like you race to launch something because you told your audience you would? Then you can learn something from Royal Caribbean.

Recently, Royal Caribbean announced that they would start selling the 2018/19 summer season at the end of May (for the Southern Hemisphere). Our cruise line of choice we were definitely keeping an eye out. So I was surprised and delighted when the other day I received the below email from them. They also updated their website ( to reflect this.

Royal Caribbean and the summer sale

It’s simple and it’s honest; most importantly it shows that the company gets that sometimes it is better to wait and do it properly than launch when you say you will.

So next time you are on deadline and you know that you have to choose between launching on the date you said something that won’t be right or nailing it before launching think back. Ask yourself “are you still manoeuvring¬† your mega-ships?”

Learn From Others is a new series full of ideas from other companies, big or small, about how to tackle businesses problems.

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