what does great leadership look like?

what does great leadership look like?

Whether you have a team now or image having one in the future it’s important to think about what kind of leader you¬†want to be early, and starting living and working that way.

I was pondering the nature of being a great leader recently which led me to revisit this episode of Marie TV¬†featuring Simon Sinek (we’ll chat after you’ve watched)

I love the concept of safety that they discussed – does a leader make you feel safe? does a leader feel safe with their team?

If I look back at every complaint I have ever made about a boss it has come back to this concept and it blew my mind a little. The boss who took credit for a successful idea and threw the team under the bus if it failed didn’t feel safe. The supervisor who told me my request to do a course had been declined when it had actually been approved didn’t feel safe. The boss who bitched about her boss in front of the whole team didn’t feel safe (and certainly didn’t make her team feel safe).

As an employee, it has always been the leaders who made me feel safe, valued and worthy that got the best out of me. My current boss is just that sort of leader – I know she has our backs if we need her to; she has a wealth of experience and wants to share it with me; listens to those of us in the team who have been in the sector longer and respects our opinions; and even makes a dork of herself so we feel our office is a safe space. She is a brilliant leader and I am thrilled I get to work with her.

That reminds me of something Simon says in the video

“as a leader you are responsible for the people who are responsible for the results”

it’s such a simple yet powerful reminder for us all when we are leading it is not about the results themselves but how to get the people who can get the results to perform at their best. I am always to be that sort of leader.

As an entrepreneur its not always easy to be that sort of leader, especially if you have to both lead and do, but I think its worth persevering. One day you will just be a leader and the habits you create in your business now will last when the structure changes.

So, let me ask you. What does great leadership look like to you?

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