happy birthday to me

happy birthday to me!

Today is the anniversary of the day I became Alys! To celebrate I made you something …

Like many of you I imagine I have a love/hate relationship with my birthday – some years I love it and am super excited; other years I pretend it’s not happening; one year I distinctly remember having a good cry about it (that was when I turned 28 randomly). This year I am actually a little surprised it’s here. It has been a big year making it a little hard to comprehend that my mid-year birthday is upon us. Still, I am looking forward to celebrating the day.

My husband asked me the other day what makes a good birthday. Honestly, my favourite birthdays are the ones where a memory was created – turning 30 in New Zealand, high tea with my parents, noisy days around the table as a kid eating junk food. Memories rarely related to the age, that is what great birthdays are about. As my first birthday as an entrepreneur, it’s already so different but then I guess I am different.

Well that and cake! Yes, I did bake that cake and from scratch, not a packet, which is why it needed so much jam and cream (oh well)

As a little birthday present to you lovely people I’ve made a sweet to-do list (you can download your copy here) just a little something to help us all get on top of everything we need to get done

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