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Let’s be honest most of us are on Google+ because we heard its good for SEO. But that can’t be all, could it?

Google owns Google+ and there is definitely a connection between an active G+ account and SEO. In particular, content posted onto Google+ is indexed much more quickly than content posted just on your own website. I like to think of it as though you are helping Google find you, rather than waiting for Google to find you.

Of course, the most important phrase in the above paragraph is “active G+ account”. Yes, this will take time but as with any social media platform if you are going to use it as part of a marketing strategy you have to be willing to commit to it. Share your content; talk to people; like/share other people’s content; get involved in communities; all of those things that you can do on G+ to help build a profile for your page.

I would also recommend including G+ on your list of places to share a post. Google loves it when other people share your content as well as you doing it so be sure to make it easy for people to do. Not only does doing this help grow your audience with new people but from Google’s perspective, it’s like the other user is “endorsing” your content.

One thing I would say is if you a profile is to set it up correctly – with a profile picture and a few details. I use Gmail and because they are linked when I get an email from another Gmail user, one with their G+ profile all set up on the right-hand side of the screen whilst in the email I could see their G+ profile. It was nice to see their face and to be able to head straight to their profile if I wanted too. Just a simple reason to get that set up properly.

In summary, I think G+ could be a really powerful platform if people used it. Saying that there are still millions of active users on there so it’s not something to ignore either. So I say have a go, set up a page and start interacting with others to see how they use it and by extension how you might use it.

Cool Hack:

Just like Instagram Google+ loves a good photo – so be sure to use them. We really do live in a visual age and its all about having an eye-catching image in a sea of images.

To Follow:

Going on from the cool hack I really love looking at NASA, Nat Geo and the Van Gogh Museum because the images they share are just gorgeous. As always I’d love to connect.

So what are your thoughts on Google+ for your business?

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