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getting your biz ready for a holiday

how to get your business ready for a holiday

From the end of next week I am officially on holidays for 2 weeks (cannot wait). But when you run your own business you can’t just switch off the lights and leave things to the new year. So let’s all get our businesses in order now.

BEFORE your holiday

Get ahead of things. If you want to take a few weeks to step away from the computer but would like your blog to stay active, then write and schedule some posts before you head off. For example, take an old post and update it – gives you new content with less of the work, important when you are trying to prep for leaving.

Be careful what work you take on. If you can finish it before you go then no worries. If your leave is in the middle take a really hard look at why you are agreeing to the work. As good as people intend to be if a client is in the midst of a big campaign and they need you it’s hard for everyone. Don’t push work to when you get back either – we can very easily lose the good holiday vibes by walking back to an epic to do list, makes all the resting you did a bit useless.

Check in with your tech. If you sell things online (perhaps you have digital downloads) things can probably be managed without your supervision so check everything is good to go and then walk away. If you need to make items just be really clear when a product will start shipping again, as long as people know in advance most will happily wait.

Turn on the out of office – if you absolutely must tell people your exact return date do that, otherwise give yourself space when you get back and be vague. Many of us became entrepreneurs to build some flexibility into our work – now is the time to take advantage of that.

DURING your holiday

Do nothing! Seriously, have a timeout it’ll make the world of difference. This, I admit, is much easier to do when you are away from home which is why we often get on a cruise ship or head out of Sydney. This year, other than a few days at my parents place we’ll be home so I have to make a real effort to leave it alone.

That said if you get inspired by a brilliant idea feel free to pull out the laptop/notebook for a bit to get that idea out of your head. But do not check your emails, just do the thing that you were inspired by and get back to your holiday.

AFTER your holiday

Getting on top of your inbox is usually the first priority for when I get back from leave. There are always lots of emails and the first big task is getting a handle on what’s in there. Personally, I take a notepad and pen and write myself a list of the emails that need to be actioned; delete anything that’s irrelevant; file things I may need later but don’t need to be actioned and just clear it out. This way I am ready to dive in and get to work, rather than just feeling like my inbox is my boss (because let’s be honest the actionable items in your inbox are never the only things you have to do when you get back to work after a holiday).

When you’re ready reconnect with the world – clients, social media, advertising – and get back to kicking some serious business booty.

Photo credit to my husband, taken in Haiti in 2012
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