Facebook for entrepreneurs - how to make the most out of the tool

Facebook! What can I say about Facebook that hasn’t already been said? When I was at university Facebook was new media. It was a game changer. Now its old media; “the man” if you will. That was 10 years ago!

That said you cannot deny that people are still active users on Facebook (over 1 billion of us) and if you are going to spend time for your business on social media some of it should definitely go Facebook’s way. But how do you make your time here worthwhile?

Firstly, from my perspective, Facebook is great because it allows you to be a part of a community. People share Facebook content more than they do from other platforms. This is awesome for brand awareness.  Please be mindful though about how you write, always consider whether you would want those words on your personal page.

This community angle explains the success (and therefore explosion) of Facebook groups. I am a member of some awesome Facebook groups and it’s great to have these online spaces to chat to people from around the world about shared interests. They are a great way for businesses to connect customers with each other, putting yourself as the hub of these awesome people. Loving that now people have closed groups that are part of their courses, so good to continue to connect with people you met on a course later.

If you run events I also recommend including those on your page. Great way to get people involved. In a previous role, we had epic reach for our Light the Night events in 2015 via Facebook events. The exposure our events got was beyond our wildest expectations. Since then Facebook changed some rules but highly recommend you add them to your Facebook page, just remember that the first time it goes up is the key opportunity to use them for reach so get the content right from the start.

Now is the time to get to know your page insights tab intimately. There is so much gold in there for you about who your followers are and what they want to hear about from you. I would almost go so far to say that if you aren’t referencing your data you are wasting your time. Remember what you say on any social platform is not about you, it’s about them – the data will tell you. Of course, you can tell them things that you want to but do it in a way that suits them. For example, if you want to tell people about a sale then be sure to post when they are online.

As I mentioned when talking about Instagram the rule for social is engaged followers not just followers. Facebook that is even more important in my opinion. Because Facebook is clever, or tries to be, and filters what people see. So if someone is more engaged with your page they are more likely to have it appear in their feed rather than having to actively hunt for you.

Let’s be honest it is very easy to get lost in Facebook. Almost anyone with an account will have a story of popping on to do one thing and an hour later realising you got distracted and still haven’t done the first thing. As an entrepreneur, we want to channel that to help spread the word about the work we are doing.

Cool hack:

For business I am a massive fan of boosting posts – we take so much time and effort to craft a post and if you notice it’s resonating with your followers then my money is on the fact it would resonate with your target audience. So boost that post and see what happens – just be mindful when you first write the post (if it says happy Friday it would be weird for it to boosted on a Monday)

Three to follow:

The Introvert Effect uses their page to share their messages; visually consistent and creates a community around the introverts.

Rising Tide Society is full of inspiration for your entrepreneurial journey with an awesome Facebook group connected.

Productivity Planner is a great example of how a product can use Facebook to show the lifestyle that the planner can create for you.

So is Facebook the platform for you? I will say again there is no right answer but my social media philosophy is “you don’t have to be everywhere but anywhere you are you need to be all in”.

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