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Another tool of the trade that I’ve been using for years is Evernote. Founded in 2007, today Evernote has over 200 million users around the world so I have a feeling I am not the only one.

I admit I use Evernote interchangeably with Grammarly (read my post about Grammarly here). For me, they both work in the same fashion, an online platform for content creation. I probably use the actual Evernote program more than Grammarly, however, Grammarly does cool things like spellcheck in WordPress that make it worth having the two tools.

I was introduced to Evernote many years ago when I was working on a conference committee that was very, very spread out. The Committee Chair worked remotely with her clients and highly recommended Evernote as a way for us to coordinate all of the written work and event logistics. It was my first real exposure to online writing tools (I think that might be true for many of us) and has been my go-to ever since.

Can I admit that my favourite thing about Evernote is that I have it on both my desktop and laptop? No matter where I go I have it with me. I once attended a writing workshop, wrote everything in Evernote and then when I got home just synced it up with my desktop. The venue had slightly dodgy wifi but that didn’t matter, Evernote has an offline desktop app that I’d installed so was good to roll.

Super quickly Evernote uses language we all remember from school – notes in notebooks. So, for example, I have a “blog content” notebook and within that, I have a note for every post. I can write content, add a screen cap, pop in links all the good stuff to create a post I am happy to share. I have another notebook called “client work” that has all sorts of notes in them. I’ve come up with some naming conventions and I just roll with it – e.g. in the client work folder, the name of every note starts with the client name, so now when I am looking for something I just have to search by that and I can easily find it.

For entrepreneurs, Evernote is a fabulous tool to liaise with clients. Perhaps one of my favourite features is being able to share a note with someone. With the client work, I can pull it together in Evernote and then simply email it across for them to have a look at. Simple!

Oh and for those of us just starting out, I use the basic (or free) version. I know that I will eventually upgrade but for right now that fits my budget best and meets my needs. I will need to upgrade as I get more clients so have more space/sharing requirements. The only downside of the free plan is that you can only sync two devices (I use laptop and desktop) for offline access. You can access all your files via the website on as many devices as you want but not offline. Let’s be honest though that is such a small issue, and can easily be overcome with a good data plan on your phone.

Overall I really love using Evernote to rally together all of the content that I am creating for my own business and for my clients. It’s such a simple system to use that I completely understand how it became such a widely used, popular tool in our modern workplaces. I imagine for larger companies with people spread all over the place it is an incredible option to get teams working together, just as it is for entrepreneurs with clients.

Anyone else use Evernote? What do people think of the programme?  Any cool hacks for the group?

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