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6 ways to take work day break with alysholzhq

In a previous post about productivity, I talked about not forcing yourself to sit at your desk all day. I was thinking recently about the different ways I get myself out of the chair and thought I would share some of my ideas with you.

1/ move your body

I have a quick, 10 minute stretching routine that I do to move my body when I’ve been sitting at my desk too long. It’s a combination of things I have learned over the years at pilates, yoga and even old-school stretching from when I was a kid (try touching your toes, it’s a great indicator of how tight your muscles are). This doesn’t replace a workout but its intended to keep you moving. When I was in an office and I had to go on decent walks to get to the printer, or even the toilet, there was a lot more sporadic movement in my day – this is my way to artificially recreate that.

2/ go outside

We are very blessed to live in amongst trees (I call our apartment the tree house). We’re on the third floor and there is a gorgeous gum tree that our place sits up in. So when I feel my brain getting a little foggy I go and stand outside for 5 minutes. Being in fresh air and nature do wonders to clearing out any cobwebs I am starting to feel. I also always, unless its freezing, eat my lunch outside.

3/ play with the cat

Good for the cat, good for me. Our cat Rory is an inside cat (rules of our building) so to ensure he gets exercise we need to make time for it. We recently discovered he loves chasing balls and so we will throw the ball around for him to chase. If we’re both home we often throw the ball to each other as well as the cat for some bonus chatting/movement time.

4/ get a cuppa

A cup of tea is the solution to most problems in life. If I am a bit stuck for a solution to an issue I’ll often take myself to the kitchen to boil the kettle and make a cuppa. Patiently waiting for something is a good time to just let your mind mull over the issue at hand. Plus it gets you standing up.

5/ meditate

Sometimes I use an app, sometimes I just sit quietly. Here the objective is to clear my head. In honesty I most often turn to meditation when I am shifting projects. For example, if I have spent 2 hours working on client A’s stuff and need to shift to client B a simple mediation helps get me out of one headspace and into the next. I find this really important as my clients all have different business objectives and requirements from me and its important not to bring the goals across. It’s also a really good thing to do at the end of the day to chill out. Its so easy to bring the issues of work into your personal life, meditation helps me leave them at the desk (something I feel is extra important when work and life happen in the same space).

6/ dance

As the wise sage Meghan Trainor says “I feel better when I’m dancing” so if you need to get up, crank up your favourite track and dance like nobody is watching (because it’s likely if you work from home alone no one is). Here, let me get this mini-dance break started…

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