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book week 2017

alysholzhq recommended reading for entrepreneurs for book week 2017

Kids across Australia are celebrating Book Week this week. As an avid reader, I couldn’t let the kids have all the fun without me so here are my current book recommendations for entrepreneurs. It’s a bit of a mix but I hope there is something in here for you no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

alysholzhq book week 17 recommended reading you are enough cassie mendoza jones

I love the message of this book, that our worth is innate and nothing we do will take it away (nor do we have to earn it). On the days when it doesn’t feel like things are “going the way they should” this book pulls me back to sanity. Cass has another book coming out a little later this year (but don’t put it on a Christmas list for me, I already pre-ordered it on Friday)

alysholzhq book week 17 recommended reading #girlboss sophia amoruso

Sophia’s book reminds us that all entrepreneurs started somewhere. Of course, when Sophia wrote the book she was near the top of her game but that isn’t how it all started, and she made it all happen herself with some serious hustle. I don’t necessarily recommend all of her tactics, but I was definitely inspired to think outside the box when starting on my own.

alysholzhq book week 17 recommended reading rising strong brene brown

Brene has so many books all of which are good for entrepreneurs but I chose Rising Strong for a very specific reason – so often books help us have the motivation to get started or get out of our own way but there will be times as entrepreneurs that it all goes hideously wrong we can feel our most alone in business. Brene (in book form) will be there to help you get back up again after an epic fall with grace and dignity.

alysholzhq book week 17 recommended reading liz gilbert big magic

Everything in business requires a little bit of creativity, enjoy some wisdom and unique perspective from Liz. This book is equal parts motivation and pragmatism, Liz tells us how it really is making a living from our passions. Good place to start for all new entrepreneurs I think. The podcast series that goes alongside the book is worth listening to as well for that little bit of extra creative inspiration.

alysholzhq book week 17 recommended reading blog inc joy cho

A bit of a classic this is a great early read for anyone incorporating blogging into their business model. Some of the advice is a little dated but the core information is worth reading as a good base for anyone new to the blogosphere.

alysholzhq book week 17 recommended reading melissa ambrosini

Yes, I admit I was attracted to the book by the Mean Girls reference but Melissa’s work is powerful. There are real tools here to help shut my mean girl up and I don’t think she has ever been as loud as when I stepped out into entrepreneurship.

alysholzhq book week 17 recommended reading simon sinek leaders eat last

We are leaders in some way, this book helps you delve into what kind of leader you want to be. Everyone is a leader, no matter what level of the business you are at you have the power to positively (and negatively) impact a workplace. I feel as an entrepreneur this is even truer as I work with a variety of businesses.

What am I currently reading? Just today my copy of Not Just Lucky by Jamila Rizvi arrived so I will dive into that tonight. It sounded like my book when I watched this interview on Women’s Agenda. Will keep you posted on Instagram. What are you reading?

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