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let me introduce myself

hello i am alysLet me introduce myself to you all

I’ve spent 16 years in marketing, events and administration roles across a variety of sectors (8 years of which were in management roles) until now, when the right moment arrived to step out and run my own business. I grew up around stories of entrepreneurs and have always dreamed of joining their ranks. After all this time I felt ready to take the plunge … more importantly I feel I have something to offer others in their own business ambitions. I am passionate about telling organisations stories, welcoming customers and potential customers into the organisation. Storytelling for me though is not simply the words we read, but the experience of the organisation at events, listening to ads, watching videos, interacting with staff or receiving invitations. My years of experience have given me a practical, considered approach to the work that I do. I’m a no fuss lady, who simply mucks in to get the job done to the best of my ability for the benefit of the team.

My story so far (FYI: formal version is on LinkedIn) this is going to be a little long, we’ve got 16 years to cover peeps:


After completing both a Diploma of Marketing and a Diploma of Business Admin I headed off on my first international trip (to the Philippines to see projects the Anglican Board Mission supported). It was an incredible opportunity and for one so young opened my eyes to the big, wide world. Upon returning I quickly packed my bags and headed to the big smoke (that would be Sydney). My career started with the marketing department of Coal & Allied, now Rio Tinto Coal Australia, where I learned from some incredible people and discovered quite quickly where my organised, first born self-fitted in.


6 weeks in the UK and I was ready for a new career adventure. Funnily enough one found me in the form of an offer to the University of NSW. Thus began 3 crazy years juggling my BA (Media Communications) and a part time job. Colleagues from my last job established the Asia Pacific office of EDF Trading, a French company, and I joined in the fun. I was doing everything from coal trade analysis to organising corporate hospitality. Course work was a varied mix of production and theory, I loved every minute of it. Oh and I was sure to make time for deep philosophical conversations, as all uni students should (though I admit ours focused on whether Hermione would end up with Harry or Ron).


University completed it was time to get back to full-time employment. Slight aside but going to uni as a mature age student (22 was mature) definitely gave me an advantage when I left uni as I left with 6 years work experience. Looking for new opportunities I had a role in media sales at Network TEN and professional services marketing at Sparke Helmore Lawyers.

snapshots from Alys


Did a few months temp work during which I was offered the EA to the CEO role at the Fundraising Institute. Wasn’t long though before I shifted over to running the national conference and events portfolio. The job was intense but I loved it! I was responsible for strategy, execution and promotion of a busy and incredibly varied event portfolio. I’ve run/promoted 1000+ people conferences, 10 person breakfasts, webinars, 6-day retreats and gala dinners! This was also my first experience of directly managing staff – I’ve had good experiences and I’ve had some nightmares but all of it made me a better manager. (2008 was also the year that our cat Rory/Rorschach entered our lives; if you follow me on Instagram you will come to know/love Rory)


Getting married inspired me to find a new career challenge which is how I ended up as Marketing and Communications Manager at the Leukaemia Foundation. This role was a true professional gift; I got to work with some amazing people, helped fundraisers raise a ridiculous amount of money (over AU$26million raised in NSW/ACT in the 4 years I was there) and learned some real life lessons hearing/sharing the stories of patients and their loved ones. When the boss was away I would step into the General Manager role as well which had the unexpected consequence of making me the default boss whenever we couldn’t find her. I’m still in touch with the team and have provided both job specific and management guidance (including one memorable conversation about the purpose of performance reviews in Cotton:On)


Took the plunge and started this place (our official birthday is 13 February). I’m excited about this next phase and cannot wait to share it with you.

Sorry, that was long but high-five to those who got this far!

“What an honour to share what I’ve learned, through hard work and some tough lessons. I grew up on stories of running your own business and knew it was where I would end up. I look forward to learning from clients about running business as well as finding out how best to help their business grow.”

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